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6.4.2 – Facilities Usage and Rental

Part 1: Purpose. In keeping with the mission of Lake Superior College and to maintain a campus climate conducive to learning, LSC will approve the use and/or occupation of campus facilities by non-profit organizations, community groups, non-LSC clubs, vendors and other commercial entities based on established criteria and in accordance with other applicable college policies. The policy applies to all LSC campuses.

Part 2: Policy. LSC welcomes community based groups and others to use our campus facilities. The following guidelines, rules and fees are established to help coordinate this effort so that we can continue to meet the needs of our primary mission to our students, faculty and staff as well as our constituents in the community. The Vice President of Finance & Administration or his/her designee shall serve as the Facility Use Coordinator, and has the authority to grant a waiver of fees when circumstances warrant this action so long as this does not place the college at risk.

Part 3: Guidelines

    1. All college facility use shall be scheduled through the Facility Use Coordinator. Sponsors/users shall complete and submit an “Application for Facility Use” form.
    2. Lake Superior College classes will have first priority of use followed by Lake Superior College sponsored or co-sponsored events.
    3. The event shall be in keeping with the overall educational objectives of the College and shall not be in violation of any laws, rules or regulations of the State or the federal government; including, but not limited to, the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Acts.
    4. Sponsors/users must notify the college at least 5 days in advance of cancellation of any meeting.
    5. Use of LSC facilities is granted on a space available basis.
    6. The College reserves the right to impose time, place and manner restrictions for facilities usage.
    7. An approved college employee is required to be on duty whenever any group or organization is using the facility.
    8. The sponsor/user is responsible for the preservation of order while using the facility.
    9. The event shall in no way obstruct, hamper or endanger the normal operations of the college.
    10. College personnel shall have sole responsibility for college keys and computer technology.
    11. Sponsors/users will be responsible to leave facilities in the same condition as found unless other arrangements are made in advance and noted on the “Application for Facility Use” form.
    12. Sponsors/users are responsible for any extra expenses incurred by the College (property damage, overtime if the event goes longer than planned, unplanned clean-up following the events, etc).
    13. Sponsors/users charging admission will be responsible for collecting, reporting and transmitting required taxes. In addition, all organizations charging an admission fee shall be charged the standard facility use fees as specified in the fees listing.
    14. All Lake Superior College facilities are smoke-free and alcohol-free. Food and beverages are allowed only in approved areas as designated by each campus.
    15. Use by commercial vendors is limited to the following areas: Commons, Atrium, upper and lower concourses.
    16. Use of loudspeakers or boisterous noises are not allowed when it will disrupt others.
    17. Non-profit organizations, community groups and non-LSC clubs may request classroom or conference room space.
    18. Groups using the main campus during the hours of operation of the food service are required to use the food service to provide food and beverage unless waived in the “Application for Facility Use”, or by the Food Service Manager.
    19. Any exceptions to the above stated guidelines of facility use require the signature of the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

All inquiries regarding the use of Lake Superior College facilities should be directed to the Facility Use Coordinator. Lake Superior College reserves the right to revoke an approved application at any time if the above-specified guidelines are violated.

Part 4: Procedures

Subpart A: External Users
Vendors and outside groups who wish to access space at LSC for commercial reasons must adhere to the following procedures:

    1. Complete “Application for Facility Use” form and submit for approval to the Vice President of Finance and Administration or designee at least 30 days prior to event.
    2. Upon request, applicant must provide a certificate of insurance prior to the use of the facility. The amount of insurance is required by the state of Minnesota and is detailed in the “Application for Facility Use” form.
    3. Provide payment per the Facilities Use Rates document.
    4. When approved, one copy of the signed form will be returned to the sponsor. Any modifications involved in meeting the request will be noted on the form.
    5. No refunds of fees will be made unless the space reservation is canceled at least five business days before the date of the event.

Subpart B: Internal Users. Room reservations are to be requested through the LSC web site.

Part 5: Waiving of fees. Exemptions may be granted to government and social agencies as a reciprocity, when they seek to acquaint LSC students with their services. Non-profits organizations, community groups and non-LSC clubs may request exemptions upon showing that the group provides a service to students and that the facility use is limited to no more than two hours per week. Exemptions may also be granted when an organization recognized by the Student Senate wants to use the event as a fund-raising activity, the vendor is part of an event leasing the building, or when the vendor provides a special service to students. Any group that receives an exemption and does not leave the facility in a neat, clean and orderly fashion will lose the exemption status for future use/occupation and may be subject to paying applicable fees/charges